The Monthly Delivery ~ a unique offering

 A new and exciting service, makes a wonderful gift too!

What to expect :~

A monthly delivery to your door, if you are lucky enough to live in East Lothian!  Unlike flowers through the post these will be arranged already and in appropriate vessels.


Each month you get a beautiful arrangement with the components dictated by the seasons, and also to some extent celebrating annual festivities. Some examples:~ a stunning Christmas wreath in December, a burgeoning basket of spring bulbs at Easter, exuberant summer bouquets,  a selection of bottles and jars filled with rampant colour, a gorgeous dried flower hanging for autumn including lavender, seed pods and grasses. Flowers and foliage will be sourced locally as much as possible helping to support a new breed of flower farmers and charities.

Empty containers will be picked up the following month so everything gets recycled and reused.

Like gardening or walking in the countryside fresh flowers have an uplifting, restorative and calming effect on most of us, so all in all a monthly floral tonic!