Christmas Wreaths

I’ve been making Christmas Wreaths for a couple of decades and can also teach small groups how to make them.

I like to make my Christmas wreaths voluptuous, featuring lots different seasonal lush greenery and other goodies to reflect the season.

Wreaths can be hung or used as a table centre or on a sideboard and will look great with a large church candle set in the middle.

Hanging your wreath. A useful trick if you have an old fashioned wooden door is to insert a small screw or a hook securely to the ‘inside’ of your door and flip the chord over the door. Wreaths will get damaged in harsh weather, so do take them down under windy conditions.

Handmade wreaths are made using mixed wild greenery, cinnamon sticks tied in raffia, bay sprigs and eucalyptus, but bear in mind no 2 wreaths are alike, each one unique.

If you require a bespoke (larger) or unusual decoration, this can be accommodated for an additional fee. Or if you have a group that want to learn wreath making let me know.