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Right now we are operating a pickup only service.

If possible we try and arrange Local Delivery.

Within 5 miles (around 15 minute drive time) of EH42 1EN (Dunbar) is £5.

Delivery within 10 miles is £10.

You are free to pick up, at a mutually convenient time.

Flower care

Flowers are a natural product. Locally grown flowers are grown without nasties, so you can expect a few variations, which are a sign that they are chemical free. A nibble here or there and minor discolourations are within our tolerances (like so-called ugly fruit), but we’ll take care to avoid major imperfections due to virus or fungal infections.

If the arrangement is intended to be naturalistic and relies heavily on foraged plants, native or growing in the wild – the tolerances are a bit lower as mother nature dictates.

Fresh flowers and foliage will last a week or so depending on conditions. A top up or change of water may be required  e.g. in hospital temperatures (21 degrees and above),  which may not give the best conditions. Some species exude materials that may discolour the water and the natural decay process in a warm atmosphere will make the water a bit rank.

If you are topping up your fresh flowers with clean water and you have french polished or natural wood furnishings make sure you dry the vases very carefully and that the containers are completely waterproof. Metal containers with iron will also react with tannins in wood. They don’t need to be wet, natural air humidity is sufficient for the iron oxide to react!

You can make your very own general plant food very easily with citric acid and sugar. By and large no special care is necessary other than making sure the water is topped up and avoiding excessive heat.

Dried arrangements are subject to some natural leaf or flower drop, but overall the decline is quite gradual over a period of months, depending on the environment and handling. Regular moving and cleaning will escalate the decline more rapidly. If you must move the flowers to a new home, e.g. moving house or to a holiday home, pack them in a roomy large flat box and use plenty of lightly crumpled tissue paper to hold the arrangement in place. Some leaf drop is inevitable but if you are careful, moving them should not alter the overall look.

Do hang or place arrangements as soon as practical, so don’t leave flowers out of water in the sun and dried arrangements where they might get damaged. Dried arrangements are naturally flammable, so no naked flames or placing near stoves or fires of any description.


Most of our flowers will come arranged, so there is nothing much that you need to do except enjoy them.

If unexpectedly the flowers and foliage should disappoint badly, take a picture of the problem and describe what happened. You must let us know as soon as possible for us to assess. Assuming you haven’t dragged them through a hedge backwards, sent them to Budapest and back by some unknown courier, we’ll look into a giving you a credit note or replacing the arrangement. We cannot be held responsible for any damages as a result of onward passage, by third parties, such as couriers, house movers, storage companies, painters and decorators, mischievous mice, careless cats or distracted dogs!

Please register your problem within 48 hours of arrival in your home.